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When sending a casual text message, we don’t often think about the vast cellular network working in the background to make our chatting possible. Neutrona Networks, an award-winning global telecomm services carrier, is one of the reasons that network exists throughout the Americas. Roughly 94% of global telecomm providers trust Neutrona to provide high-performance networking to Fortune 500 clients. Neutrona required the same performance for its budgeting and planning process when spreadsheets were no longer cutting it.


Neutrona Networks


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Microsoft Great Plains


NetSuite ERP
NetSuite Planning and Budgeting




Buenos Aires

“As our business grew, it became clear that we could no longer manage our budgeting and reporting with spreadsheets. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting allowed us to create much more accurate financial forecasts by employing real-time data analysis on key business trends, and then explain what those trends mean for our business.” Gonzalo Villafane, Corporate Controller, Neutrona Networks

Creating Intercontinental Planning and Budgeting Processes

Global expansion: 6 countries in 2 years
In a span of two years, Neutrona expanded to seven new subsidiaries in six additional countries. These subsidiaries in Latin America, Europe and North America each had their own functional currency.
Ditching spreadsheets
As Neutrona grew, the finance team had to constantly add new entities, cost centres and more. They spent long hours entering data in spreadsheets and generating reports, which yielded inconsistent numbers. The finance team found it too difficult to handle data consolidation from multiple contributors, support foreign currency calculations (i.e. calculate exchange rates), and run up-to-date what-if scenarios and forecasts.
Life made easier with accurate budgeting, forecasting and reporting
Neutrona’s finance team is now freed from reconciling and aggregating spreadsheets and chasing broken links. NetSuite’s Planning and Budgeting tool reconciles their numbers between data sources and generates more accurate reports. It allows them to calculate estimated exchange rates and inflation adjustments across multiple currencies. The system provides insight into the entire revenue generation process, levying cash flows against reactive KPIs: Neutrona tracks revenue and gross margin by business unit and expenses by cost centre, comparing budget vs. actual.
Impact beyond simple budgeting and reporting
Instead of doing manual data collection, formatting reports and fixing broken links in Excel, the team now has more time to make strategic, data-driven decisions. For example, when the team realises cost is higher than forecasted in certain country, it can readapt its pricing strategy in that nation.
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