Ditching Silos for a Unified System

As the maker of "the world's safest trampoline," Springfree Trampoline wanted an IT platform that did justice to its cutting-edge product design. The company's previous application environment, which included instances of SAP and SugarCRM, lacked integration, resulting in inconsistent customer experiences and time-consuming financial reconciliations. The resulting dearth of visibility into the business made it a challenge to achieve strategic growth objectives.

Springfree Trampoline


Springfree Trampoline


Kunda Park, QLD, Australia


Sporting Goods, Distribution





Netsuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

“NetSuite is an evolutionary step that helps Springfree think more globally. We can deliver relevant and seamless omnichannel experiences to customers in every country.” Springfree Trampoline

The Do-it-All Cloud Platform
Springfree has used NetSuite for end-to-end financials, inventory and order management, and CRM and ecommerce since going live in 2014. The company currently is leveraging NetSuite to expand across 29 countries with a combination of ecommerce, company-managed brick-and-mortar stores, and hundreds of retail partner locations.
Data that's Fast and Accurate
NetSuite has given Springfree real-time visibility into both its B2C and B2B channels, leading to improved service and marketing. What's more, OneWorld has enabled the company to quickly and simply consolidate financial data across entities in multiple countries.
Making NetSuite its Own
Having established a unified cloud commerce platform to support its growth objectives without having to invest in in-house IT systems and personnel, Springfree has begun tapping NetSuite's customization capabilities in an effort to tailor the system to the company's specific needs.
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