A Transportation & Logistics Standout Uses ERP to Adapt to Changing Supply Chains

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics excels at getting alcoholic beverages where they need to go, when they need to get there. Founded in 2015, the New Jersey business is a leader in shipping and managing regulatory compliance. It operates on every continent, and more than $150 million in product passes through its warehouses annually. Seaman’s takes pride in being the expert companies turn to when they need to efficiently import products with confidence.

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics


Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics


Clifton, New Jersey


Transportation And Logistics

Annual Revenue

$2-5 million


50 to 99

Number of Countries


Other Solution Considered

Microsoft Great Plains


NetSuite ERP
NetSuite Inventory Management
NetSuite SuitePeople Payroll

“NetSuite has the ability to scale as big as we need to scale.” Glenn Langberg, CEO, Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics

Getting From Vineyard to Venue

A cost-effective partner
Seaman’s built its success on an ability to navigate the complex world of alcohol regulation, operating across all 50 US states and abroad. The company helps clients find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to their business goals, adapting to fast-changing supply chain conditions while delivering impeccable shipping accuracy.
Built on ERP
Seaman’s evaluated ERP systems before it even launched. It sought a system with flexibility and scalability, so the business would be able to react quickly to changing state alcohol regulations and supply chain conditions while keeping customers apprised of the status of their imports in real time.
Compliance and consulting
Seaman’s uses NetSuite enterprise resource planning to meticulously track inventory and help its clients comply with industry regulations—if the client is delivering beverages to a restaurant versus to another distributor, for example—and state regulations. It also uses the system to analyse metrics, like profitability per case of product, for individual clients and recommend money-saving adjustments to their logistics strategies accordingly.
A first-class customer experience
Seaman’s also uses NetSuite to fuel the customer experience. For example, the Advanced Partner Center role offers an Italian partner a real-time view of its inventory levels in Seaman’s warehouses, so it can make strategic decisions accordingly. Seaman’s aims to continue building this reputation for service as its products continue to appear in major retailers like Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger and Total Wine & More.