NetSuite Furnishes Rembrandt Fine Arts with Reliability, Efficiency and 40% Increase in Profitability

Rembrandt Fine Arts


Rembrandt Fine Arts


Napier, New Zealand


Furniture, home décor and giftware wholesale

Applications Replaced

Attaché Software accounting system, IMS Payroll, Label Matrix, Sales Link Cube and Smart Freight


NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder
Infinet Cloud Payroll SuiteApp
RF-Smart Barcoding SuiteApp
AVT IFS SmartFreight®


Liberate I.T.


Auckland, New Zealand

“Thanks to NetSuite, we've been able to replace our previous 'hairball' of multiple, unreliable software solutions with a single, integrated, wholesale industry-specific solution that has dramatically increased our efficiency, sales and profitability.” Rembrandt Fine Arts

Customer Success

  • NetSuite implementation has driven 25 percent sales increase and 40 percent increase in profitability.
  • NetSuite reduced IT costs almost entirely by eliminating the need to purchase on-premises hardware, multiple software licenses and engage an IT consultant to troubleshoot and maintain systems.
  • NetSuite’s ability to import product data as CSV files rather than having to manually enter supplier and other data has streamlined business processes, reducing daily inputting processes from a full day to less than an hour.
  • Rembrandt can now produce product catalogs quickly and provide its sales force with live access to inventory and pricing information.
  • Improved inventory management efficiency.


  • Previous business management systems were a tangle of poorly integrated software products that provided limited capabilities and required substantial and frequent maintenance.
  • The previous system was also generic—not tailored to the needs of wholesalers—and difficult to customize to address those needs.
  • On-site IT systems were costly, requiring the purchase, maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software.
  • Field sales people were unable to access up-to-the minute information on inventory and pricing.
  • The company wanted to move to a cloud-based, always available, comprehensive business management solution that was designed specifically for wholesale businesses.


  • Implemented NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution, NetSuite SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder and the Infinet Cloud Payroll module.
  • "Hairball" of disparate software products has been eliminated and replaced by fully integrated, comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective business management system that allows company employees to conduct business anywhere, anytime.