Built From the Ground Up, Frey Farms Plants Seeds for Future Growth

Sarah Frey was 16 when she bought a used truck and started delivering produce from her family’s struggling farm. Twenty-six years later, Sarah and her four older brothers operate farms and facilities in seven states. Frey Farms distributes its fruits and vegetables, along with natural juices, throughout the country to the nation’s largest retailers through its Tsamma Juice and Sarah’s Homegrown labels.


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NetSuite ERP
Learning Cloud Support

“Being able to link sales orders, purchase orders and POs for freight was critical, and NetSuite enabled us to link these transactions and accurately measure profitability for each sales order.” Tracy Martin, CFO, Frey Farms

Data Unlocks the Future

Building a national brand
Under Frey’s leadership, Frey Farms blossomed from family farm and diversified into a national produce and beverage distributor. With a mission to end food waste in the fresh produce industry, the family makes natural food products and beverages from imperfect or “ugly fruit.” This includes a complete line of juices and agua frescas sold in retailers across the country.
Inevitable growing pains
As Frey Farms grew into the business Frey had dreamed it could be, the company became dependent on complicated spreadsheets, and employees found themselves entering every transaction detail multiple times in multiple spreadsheets.
Connecting the dots
Frey Farms’ search for a more efficient way to manage operations led to NetSuite, which could support the growing business with capabilities like producing reports on the fly. The team now has more clarity on pricing as NetSuite ties together sales orders, purchase orders and freight costs. This comes in handy when negotiating deals with major retailers like Walmart.
Making the most of NetSuite
Now that Frey Farms has realised the initial benefits of running on NetSuite, they are identifying ways to expand the platform’s capabilities. The company will spend the slower winter months refining processes now that it has a better understanding of NetSuite’s extensive functionality and developing real-time dashboards which executives will use to monitor business activities day-to-day.

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