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Depatie Fluid Power Pumps up the Customer Experience With Improved Warehouse Accuracy

For more than 60 years, Depatie Fluid Power has served as a key distributor of hoses and fitting, seals, valves and more for customers in western Michigan and northern Indiana and beyond. Bolstered by a handful of acquisitions, Depatie now has five locations across Indiana and Michigan serving the aerospace, medical, oil and gas, industrial, and services fields.

Depatie Fluid Power


Depatie Fluid Power


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“The story of NetSuite for us has been one of an evolution of providing more complex services to our customers.” Luis Rodriguez, Business Systems Administrator, Depatie Fluid Power

Warehouse Management Transforms Operations

Fluid power powers growth
With a focus on customer service, four separate acquisitions and expansion into fabrication and assembly, technical and engineering assistance, and custom hydraulic units, Depatie has grown to serve more than 2,000 customers and manage thousands of SKUs in inventory, including tens of thousands of O-rings alone.
NetSuite delivers unified financials
Depatie implemented NetSuite in 2014 to replace a DOS-based Tribute system that limited visibility. That improved financial visibility by bringing data to a central system and facilitated three acquisitions, but managing products in three warehouses was still a struggle.
WMS buoys the customer experience
Adding NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System enabled Depatie to automate significant amounts of warehouse work, provide customer-specific fulfilment, reduce order entry errors and improve its on-time delivery guarantee from 90% to 97%. With the increased efficiency, Depatie has been able to grow its engineering business.
Paperless future
With WMS and SuiteCommerce Advanced providing detailed inventory accuracy online and in the warehouse, Depatie is now planning to provide a matrix ordering option for its products online and expanding its use of scanners in its warehouses, eliminating the last paper-based processes.
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