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Yescom Brings Its Products to the World with an ERP Upgrade

Yescom, a leading ecommerce company, has been in business for over 18 years. The business has since grown to include a range of products, including household equipment, electronic products, sporting goods and industrial tools. It also expanded its operations outside USA and China to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Japan. Faced with the growing popularity of ecommerce and fierce competition in its industry, Yescom needed to exchange its original ERP system for a suite with more functionality.

Yescom USA


Yescom USA


Guangzhou, China and USA


Cross-border ecommerce






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“Oracle NetSuite is very lightweight, flexible and comprehensive. It supports multiple languages and currencies, so our colleagues around the world can operate with ease.” Amy Chen, General Manager, Yescom

As Ecommerce Expands, Yescom Consolidates

Managing thousands of SKUs
Today, Yescom has more than 5,000 SKUs. The company processes more than 4,000 orders per day, and average monthly sales total is more than $8 million. To handle this growth and its expansion, Yescom needed more efficient operational management and better integration between its supply chain and ERP system. Leadership also craved the ability to personalise Yescom’s marketing while creating new services and products quickly.
Global business, global platform
As the company grew, Yescom found itself with multiple sets of data stored in multiple systems—and no communication between them. That led to inaccurate reporting and thus inaccurate forecasts. The company also lacked the data necessary to make decisions around sourcing and transporting inventory in a cost-effective way. Finally, Yescom realised its need to establish a single source of data across the five countries in which it operates.
Integration and efficiency matters
Yescom replaced the financial functions of its previous ERP system with NetSuite. With the previous ERP, the company could not generate real-time reports or easily comply with international accounting standards. NetSuite helps Yescom conform its noncompliant or high-risk operations: For example, the inventory adjustment functionality directly recalculates costs, sales, revenue and receivables. Yescom is also able to manage more of its supply chain—from suppliers to distribution to logistics.
The future is calling
Beyond its operating system, NetSuite’s consulting resources, as well as those of its partners, have helped Yescom grow. In the future, Yescom will continue to use NetSuite to expand front-end marketing functions and enhance its operational management.
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