Elevator Maintenance Startup Gets a Lift from NetSuite

France-based elevator maintenance startup Uptime is using a data-driven, predictive approach to improve the service quality of elevators for residential properties. In France, elevators break down five times a year on average, despite nine compulsory visits. Uptime is changing that story, providing transparency and quality through a technology-driven approach to service that reduces breakdowns.




Paris, France




Excel Spreadsheets, Google Drive


Sage, SAP, Odoo, FinancialForce


NetSuite Financials Mid-Market

“NetSuite is the tool I use to empower my C-Level team on the finance side of the business. When you’re a young startup, it’s incredibly valuable to have tools that remove messy spreadsheets and increase business visibility.” Amaury Celier, Co-Founder, Uptime

Data-Driven Maintenance

Ensuring quality with predictive analytics
Founded in 2016 by two brothers, Uptime now services over 1,000 elevators across France. The company uses data and algorithms to ensure technicians have accurate recommendations to perform maintenance tasks before a part failure, reducing breakdowns. Customers see all work that is being done and paid for, enabling Uptime to offer a quality-based contract.
A platform for growth
Uptime’s accounting processes required the startup to send documents via Google Drive and Excel spreadsheets. This required hours of complex processing of payments and was at odds with the software architectural desires of the company’s founders, who wished to build a digital integrated foundation from which the company could grow.
Reducing manual labor
Uptime selected NetSuite over Sage, SAP, Odoo and FinancialForce for its flexibility to adapt processes and functions to the business. With NetSuite, what once took three hours to process 50 supplier payments manually, now takes 30 minutes to process over 100.
Insightful data core to success
Uptime continues to expand its operations across France and Europe and plans to support this by integrating NetSuite deeper into its business, enabling it to further automate its services offering. Uptime hopes financial data in NetSuite will allow it to make data-driven decisions on contract costs and values.
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