Uncle Dan’s Automates HR and Inventory Tasks for Big Efficiency Gains With NetSuite

Uncle Dan’s has been creating the B.R.E. (Best Ranch Ever!) for over 50 years. This family-run business sells over 16 items like Classic Ranch, Country Dill, bleu cheese dressing mix and Steak & Rib, across multiple channels: its D2C ecommerce site, Amazon, Shopify, 2,000+ grocery stores, the food service sector and specialty food stores. As a small, close-knit team, Uncle Dan’s takes pride in running like a large company while maintaining community camaraderie.

Uncle Dan’s


Uncle Dan’s


Hayden, Idaho


Food And Beverage


$2-5 million


20 to 49

Applications Replaced


“SuitePeople Payroll has been a relief. I don’t dread doing payroll anymore.” Tina Hammer, Controller, Uncle Dan’s

Small Team, Big Efficiency

Winning in a niche market
In most years, Uncle Dan’s sees 10-12% revenue growth. As one of the country’s best-selling dry salad dressing and dip mixes, it’s constantly competing with other top names and working to win shelf space in grocers like Kroger and Walmart. The team also builds out new sales channels, currently working on relationships with specialty food stores.
Payroll, PTO tracking and inventory replenishment prove problematic
Uncle Dan’s saw more revenue growth and hires on the horizon, but its time-consuming workflows wouldn’t accommodate that. Running payroll, for example, took a full day each pay period. The controller also fielded and tracked PTO requests, and she determined when to reorder product by sifting through inventory in the warehouse. These ancillary tasks left her almost no time to run financial and sales analyses.
Automating tedious HR and inventory workflows
With SuitePeople Payroll, the team saves about six hours per payroll run. Employees enter their hours straight into the system, which adds up their gross pay and makes the proper deductions before issuing payment. Employees also use SuitePeople HR to request time off. Even inventory replenishment is automated: NetSuite Inventory Management uses past sales data and supplier lead times to automatically generate POs for ideal stock levels.
More time for analysis
With her newfound time, Uncle Dan’s controller customised a NetSuite dashboard showing which grocers have stocked which products lately so her team can follow up accordingly. She also breaks down profitability by sales channel for more confident investing. The team is working with NetSuite’s Advanced Customer Support to tailor the system’s lot number tracking and standard costing functionalities to its specific workflow. And incoming employees will soon get up to speed with on-demand courses in NetSuite’s Learning Cloud Support.