Trace3 Consolidates Operations for $2B Business on NetSuite ERP

Trace3 is an enterprise-level technology consultancy that provides IT strategy, services, and systems to global companies. Trace3 consultants work across industries to help their clients tackle challenges in areas like cloud cybersecurity and data intelligence as they keep pace with the fast-changing IT landscape. With West-Coast headquarters plus offices throughout the country, the 20-year-old company serves more than 2,000 clients.




Irvine, CA


Professional Services


$2 billion


1,000 to 4,999


Microsoft ERP
Microsoft Office


Microsoft Dynamics 365

“NetSuite is scalable for an enterprise company because you’re able to run it how you see fit. I don’t see Microsoft working well unless your operations are heavily standardised.” Janalee Doerfler, Senior Director of Enterprise Platforms, Trace3

Tech Consulting Enterprise Relies on NetSuite’s Ease-of-Use

Finding footing in ERP
As its employee count grew, Trace3 traded QuickBooks and spreadsheets for NetSuite ERP. It wound up overly customising the solution, which resulted in integrations that more easily malfunctioned when partner apps were upgraded and customisations that would break. Trace3 leadership decided to switch off NetSuite and onto Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Kimble Professional Services Automation (PSA), a Salesforce-based app.
The itch for integrated workflows
Processes became complicated with the new systems. Trace3 found that Microsoft’s CRM didn’t integrate seamlessly with the rest of the ERP. The team’s workflows resulted in uploading daily reports to the financial module while exporting data to Kimble PSA, a time-consuming set of tasks. Disconnected processes left them wanting to return to NetSuite’s ease-of-use — and nine months after switching to Microsoft, they decided to re-implement NetSuite.
Extreme efficiency wins out
After an efficient implementation, Trace3 was back on NetSuite and using more standardised processes to avoid over-customisation. Even so, Trace3 can adjust its use of NetSuite as needed, a critical ability considering the company delivers highly customised solutions to its clients. So far, Trace3 has consolidated not only accounting and financial management but also customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and more on NetSuite. As a result, just five in-house NetSuite specialists support the $2 billion business.
A roadmap to more expansion
Trace3 works with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS)(opens in new tab) to continue optimising its use of the system. For example, goals for this year include working with ACS to build out a stronger technology roadmap that will allow leadership to more proactively guide the company’s adoption of ERP functionality. Trace3 will continue using NetSuite to do more with less as it aims for international expansion.

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