Touchland Uses ERP to Meet Surging Demand, Launching in 4,000 Stores in 12 Months

Touchland operates on the idea that every act of personal care should yield as much joy as a luxurious beauty treatment. Working with several manufacturers, Touchland sells its stylish hand sanitizers through retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Target, as well as on its ecommerce site and via Amazon. Corporate customers like Equinox use Touchland’s sanitizer dispensers, while businesses gift its pocket-sized sanitizers to customers and clients. Touchland also sells via online wholesale marketplace Faire.




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Application Replaced

Microsoft Office

We were able to get over 4,000 retail doors in 12 months, and we're doubling the space this year. NetSuite has become a great platform to support this fast growth.” Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO, Touchland

Breakout Health & Beauty Brand Finds a Foundation in ERP

All smiles after retail success
Touchland moved from its Barcelona roots to the US in 2018. Within a year and a half, it had logged impressive sales on its ecommerce site and launched in retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Ulta. The team has since cemented partnerships with Disney and Smiley, the iconic smiley-face image of ‘70s fame.
Early days with QuickBooks
Touchland initially used QuickBooks for accounting while each of its other departments ran individual software for their operations. As the company continued to grow exponentially, teams realised they needed a solution that integrated all departments. They chose NetSuite ERP as a single system to manage all operations and fulfill rising demand.
Rising to the challenge of rising demand
Efficiencies quickly resulted from the switch. For example, Touchland uses NetSuite Connector to automatically transfer orders, inventory availability, and more between Amazon and NetSuite. And it relies on demand forecasts from NetSuite Demand Planning to place vendor orders that maintain optimal stock levels across six warehouses, keeping customers happy and cash flowing.
The next chapter
In the 12 months after implementing NetSuite, Touchland launched in 4,000 additional retail doors. The company aims to launch in twice that many stores this year, equipped with a system that can facilitate fast growth. Along the way, the team works with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS), using all of their allotted consulting hours each month to make sure they fully understand how to maximise the system.

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