Titan Shops

A Campus Retailer Watches Ecommerce Efforts Pay Off During School Closures

Titan Shops, based at California State University, Fullerton, sells everything from course materials and class supplies to sweatshirts and snack foods to a captive campus population. In recent years, it's built an ecommerce storefront to grow general merchandise sales while digital course materials continue to replace traditional printed textbooks. The team didn’t know it, but that work was actually preparing Titan Shops to excel through the impact of the coronavirus.


Titan Shops, a Division of CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation


Fullerton, Calif.




1,000 to 4,999

“The challenges of COVID-19 have actually allowed our staff to leverage NetSuite even more, putting us in a better position to serve the campus when everyone returns.” Kim Ball, Director, CSU Fullerton Titan Shops

No Choice but to Transform

New business terms
Throughout its 61-year history, Titan Shops depended on an implied agreement: That the Cal State Fullerton campus it serves would fill with students each fall. When COVID-19 changed the terms of that agreement, Titan Shops found itself having to survive with no in-store customers.
All online, all the time
Two years before the pandemic, Titan Shops had deployed NetSuite's Campus Store Edition to support its growing digital book business and to increase general merchandise sales. Therefore, it was ready to change along with circumstances in 2020. Amid the campus’ shift to virtual instruction, all employees spend their time either adding products to the online store or processing orders placed via NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform.
Preparation pays
Titan Shops' sales are now 100% ecommerce, and with NetSuite, management has more data than ever with which to make decisions. One such win: When Cal State Fullerton shifted its annual on-campus Welcome Day to a virtual event, Titan Shops sold 2,000 sweatshirts online via its SuiteCommerce storefront by offering a shipping discount code through the system. It had just over 1,000 sales orders placed in the three-day period—a definitive win.
Titan Shops' leadership anticipates having to sell 100% online throughout the 2020-21 school year. Per Director Kim Ball, the business is now positioned to keep serving students in the short-term and emerge stronger for the long-term, regardless of how long the pandemic lasts.