Thread Consolidates Data From Its Growing Roster of Sales Channels in NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Husband-and-wife team Colby and McKenzie Bauer launched Thread while living in Hawaii, working together to redefine wallet design for an adventurous audience. Thread wallets are elastic, keeping essentials snug while providing a slim profile for ultimate portability. After finding its signature wallet a smash hit, Thread expanded its product line to include bags, lanyards and other accessories.





Provo, Utah


Apparel, Footwear And Accessories




20 to 49

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NetSuite ERP
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Implementation Partner


“Nothing makes me happier than going to our marketing and creative teams and seeing their dashboards open. These teams previously didn’t look at data all that much, but now, we provided it to them in an easily digestible way.” Mitch Sanders, COO, Thread

A Tech Thread Runs Through the Business

Success stretches back to ecommerce beginnings
Thread started with a direct-to-consumer ecommerce site, then expanded into wholesale and launched its own custom-built mall kiosks. These initiatives helped Thread earn a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for two consecutive years, with revenue growth of more than 1,000% over a three-year span.
Knots in data organisation
Shortly after launching its wholesale and physical retail channels, Thread adopted NetSuite ERP to ease demand planning. Its data analysis practices needed an update, too: Thread previously used business intelligence software Grow, which proved incapable of organising data from Thread’s multiple Shopify instances, Google Analytics, Google Ads and other sources.
Tying together all data sources
Thread replaced Grow with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, working with NetSuite partner Myers-Holum. Thread uses the solution’s prebuilt data pipelines to combine data from NetSuite, Shopify and Google Sheets. It analyses historical sales with the data warehouse’s machine learning capabilities, then considers both the system’s forecasts and its managers’ plans when ordering inventory. This results in more accurate inventory orders, thus lowering the risk of stockouts and boosting cash flow.
Carrying on
If Thread is missing its forecasts, finance and sales teams find out quickly via dashboards in NetSuite Analytics Warehouse—versus waiting for the COO to send insights from a spreadsheet. Marketing views that same inventory data to align its efforts with forecasts, too. As a next step, Thread will bring Google Analytics data into NetSuite Analytics Warehouse so the ecommerce team can better analyse site performance. It’s also mulling creative applications of the data warehouse’s capabilities, like comparing mall kiosk sales to weather patterns. Meanwhile, the business continues to expand its offering into “all things carry,” launching another bag design this year.