Plans for International Expansion and Ecommerce Lead Tania Bulhões to NetSuite

Known for its tableware and perfume products aimed at a discerning crowd, the Tania Bulhões brand has raised industry standards in Brazil for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, the retailer has two offices, two distribution centers, 20 stores, 40 resale partners spread throughout Brazil, and over 200 employees. Meanwhile, its online shop represents 20% of revenue and continues to grow.

Tania Bulhões


Tania Bulhões


Sao Paulo, Brazil




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Other Solutions Considered

SAP Business One
Microsoft Dynamics


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced
NetSuite Project Management

Implementation Partner


“We had been building our people, branding and technology, and NetSuite was an important investment in this process. We are going through the most dynamic moment in our business.”Virgílio Castro Cunha, CEO, Tania Bulhões

Integrating to Expand

Time for a change
Tania Bulhões was ready to expand throughout Brazil and internationally. However, leadership deemed its previous business system unfit for the task, as it couldn’t handle omnichannel sales and wasn’t cloud-based. An extremely secure cloud system was of utmost importance, as the business had recently weathered a ransomware attack.
Integration is indispensable
A quick market sweep of solutions pointed to NetSuite as one of the world’s fastest-growing ERP providers with strong reviews from loyal customers. Given its international expansion plans, the Tania Bulhões team especially valued NetSuite’s ability to easily integrate with local solutions, manage multiple currencies, and comply with regional tax regulations.
Owning omnichannel
Now, with a cloud-based system and mobile access, Tania Bulhões employs “digital consultants” who sell via WhatsApp: After chatting with customers, consultants finalise the purchase in a sales app — built in-house and integrated with NetSuite — and coordinate fulfillment. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar stores benefit from a full view of available inventory. For instance, a store in Northeast Brazil can sell an item stocked in the South with a few clicks.
Refining ecommerce
Tania Bulhões saw 60% year-over-year sales growth last year and continues to gain ground in its niche market. The team plans to increase ecommerce revenue 45% over the next five years via its ecommerce site and digital consultants, who also sell via Instagram. It also plans to grow through its resale partners, who will more easily access customer and supplier portals in NetSuite.