Sterlitech Chooses NetSuite vs. Acumatica, Then Taps Into a Full Suite of Solutions

Sterlitech Corporation is the world's largest producer of inorganic membranes and filtration products for research use in universities, governments, and private enterprises. Sterlitech runs both direct sales and a network of distribution partners, then drop-ships to customers. After getting by with three separate business systems, Sterlitech transitioned to just one: NetSuite ERP. The suite has dramatically improved order processing and won raves from Sterlitech’s workforce.


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“Adding NetSuite modules has reduced the extra layers of reporting previously needed to determine our purchasing needs or inventory availability.” Mark Spatz, President, Sterlitech Corporation

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Multiple systems, multiple headaches
For Sterlitech, working globally on three separate systems made for complex workflows. Orders from varied sources had to make their way through Salesforce, then into Fishbowl inventory software, and then financials were posted to QuickBooks. This left lots of room for user and technical error, and it was difficult to set up remote staff on the systems.
A clear winner
Aiming to consolidate operations onto one cloud-based system, Sterlitech narrowed its potential ERP vendors to NetSuite vs. Acumatica(opens in new tab). It determined that NetSuite ERP’s implementation process would be smoother, then made the shift. The team can now enter orders twice as fast, and sales coordinators have freed up 60% of their time for customer-focused work, lending Sterlitech more scalability.
Connecting the dots
Sterlitech uses multiple parts of the suite—notably NetSuite Connector(opens in new tab), which fuses its NetSuite environment with Amazon and Adobe Commerce. NetSuite Connector sends online orders and customer information directly to NetSuite, eliminating a multi-step workflow and preventing errors as Sterlitech manages its 3,500 active SKUs.
A welcome change
Sterlitech’s transition to NetSuite has been warmly received internally. Staff polls revealed support for the change from the start, plus confidence that the system performs far better than the three Sterlitech previously used. Leadership is exploring more possibilities with NetSuite, from everyday efficiencies like marketing automation to capitalising on the business’s newfound capacity to scale.

Learn more about Sterlitech's success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).