Steeda Autosports Fuels D2C Expansion With Inventory Automation

Steeda Autosports is on the leading edge of the automotive aftermarket, helping consumers get maximum enjoyment from their vehicles. Founded in 1988, the Florida- and Georgia-based company is the world’s biggest manufacturer of Ford performance parts, selling both wholesale and directly to consumers. Steeda is proud to manufacture in America, and its team brings an authentic passion to their work as car enthusiasts themselves.


Steeda Autosports


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Valdosta, Georgia




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NetSuite ERP

“We’re saving time exponentially with NetSuite.” Chris Cervenka, Director of Marketing, Steeda Autosports

Performance Parts, Performance ERP

Picking up speed
Steeda fuels relationships with innovation-hungry customers by aiming to be the first to get parts to market whenever Ford releases a new body style or model year. The company operates a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Valdosta, Georgia, as well as a growing ecommerce arm: Last year saw 25,000 ecommerce transactions.
At a crossroads
Steeda won business amid the pandemic but often faced upset customers because it couldn’t convey up-to-date inventory availability on its site. Meanwhile, common activities like running a sale event on Steeda-manufactured products required manual work, like sifting through Steeda’s SKUs one by one to note their inventory status. Steeda found it difficult to envision growing its D2C operation with inefficient inventory management and on-premises business systems.
Accelerating inventory management
Implementing NetSuite ERP gave Steeda a direct feed of real-time inventory statuses from its warehouse to its site, quelling customer calls and boosting efficiency business-wide. The team built an API with one of its distributors and used NetSuite’s SuiteScript(opens in new tab) platform to get vendor inventory levels, backorder information and shipping ETAs reflected on the site, too. And more inventory automation means it can set up a sales event in minutes instead of hours, saving days of work per year.
On track for the future
Steeda’s short-term goals include further refining its website, which now represents 90% of revenue. The team will improve site speed and search engine optimisation while fine-tuning its live inventory feeds with NetSuite and further automating web order processing. It will also automate credit card and checking account feeds in a joint effort between teams from NetSuite and Bank of America. It is also awaiting the release of the next Mustang body style, which represents an opportunity to be first to market yet again—this time with a highly efficient ERP for extra fuel.

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