Sheraa Foods

Sheraa Foods Bakes Innovation Into Multiple Sales Channels With NetSuite ERP

One of Saudi Arabia’s leading bakery brands, Sheraa Foods is renowned for its breads, pastries and fine desserts sold in 14 restaurants across the country, along with its history of bringing completely new items to market. It has three warehouses for ingredients, a central kitchen in Riyadh, and a satellite kitchen in each restaurant location. The food service business is part of parent company Sheraa Holding, which also owns a residential and commercial HVAC company.


Sheraa Foods


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Food and Beverage


$60 million Saudi riyal






Microsoft Great Plains


NetSuite OneWorld


Digital Trends

“Because of the ease in making the orders and the back-office that runs from anywhere, we were able to launch brands with no physical existence.” Hashem Sharab, Head of Transformation, Sheraa Foods

The Right Mix for New Revenue Streams

Exploring new channels
Sheraa Foods wanted to debut new items on social media and test them out before putting them on store menus, which required a system that allowed customers to place orders 24/7. However, its Microsoft Great Plains system could only take orders via phone and paper, and it wasn’t able to store and track orders in a central database.
Managing the menu
Sheraa Foods now uses NetSuite OneWorld to manage 35 individual business processes—including taking and filling online orders—involving around 250 menu items and 90 vendors. The company can easily conduct transactions in the Saudi riyal, euro and U.S. dollar and has integrated NetSuite with the third-party POS systems in its restaurants.
B2B open for business
After implementing NetSuite, Sheraa Foods launched not only satellite kitchens for its B2C business but also a completely new B2B arm. Companies now order directly through an online portal and can pay on credit, which wasn’t possible before. Because NetSuite is cloud-based, the sales team can work remotely, and the business decreased sales headcount by 30%.
Prepared to delight
So far, Sheraa Foods has launched two new food brands from its satellite kitchens. It plans to continue launching more to increase revenue without increasing overhead. Leaders can track and analyze customer response to the items in order to increase engagement and inform their food innovation, all within compliance mandates, in NetSuite. Meanwhile, Sheraa Holding plans to launch NetSuite for its HVAC contracting business next.