Salauno Maintains Clear Focus on Transforming Mexican Health Care

Salauno works every day to “give all Mexicans the chance to see well to transform their lives”. The Mexican company, founded in 2011, uses an interdisciplinary team to transform health in Mexico through evolution, innovation and the disruption of the status quo. Salauno is part of Oracle NetSuite’s Social Impact program, where NetSuite provides a suite of cloud software built for nonprofits of all sizes to improve operations and help grow their mission. With NetSuite, salauno feels ready to accomplish all its objectives.




Mexico City, Mexico


Health Care




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Tekiio (formerly Efficientix)



“NetSuite had some of the highest customer ratings and positive references from users. The software is very agile, easily adjusting to our needs. With use, we discovered the most important point: NetSuite's interconnectivity capability, allows you to connect it with other software so that they talk together, increasing internal organization.” Javier Okhuysen, Co-founder and Director, salauno

Technological Empowerment Sparks Creativity

Seeking cost-effective solutions
Blindness is the second leading disability in Mexico. Salauno is a social enterprise specialized in eye care (ophthalmology), committed to provide treatments of high impact and quality at a low cost such as cataract surgeries, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma among others. With the support of investors, the company formed alliances with the government, NGOs and private institutions to provide integrated and cost-effective solutions. Now, their managers count on NetSuite to drive the entire organization and accelerate their mission.
Quality enables world-class efficiency
In seven years, salauno has treated more than 300,000 patients and performed over 30,000 cataract surgeries, among other procedures, transforming the lives of thousands of Mexican families. Their operating model is designed in such a way that cross-subsidies allow their prices to be 60 percent lower than the competition, which provides access to a health service that is highly critical to the population’s clear majority.
Decisions based on real-time information
NetSuite allows this network of clinics to make decisions based on accurate information in real-time. It has significantly improved their ability to manage the commitment to achieve results, not only in sales, but also in cost control, inventory control and working capital control. Since the company has always worked with limited resources, NetSuite’s support has been an important advancement to continue advancing and reaching all of Mexico.