SailGP Charts the Course to Growth With Automation in NetSuite

SailGP launched in 2018 with a lofty goal: redefine professional sailing through a new global racing league. Unlike the infrequent sailing competitions of the past, SailGP’s calendar features an ongoing slate of premium global racing in the world’s most advanced catamarans. The league boasts an international roster of teams competing throughout the year in some of the world’s most iconic harbors.




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“I've used a lot of software packages. There has never been one as robust, as easy to use or as good as NetSuite. It's so far above any other package.” Julie Boyd, Director of Finance, SailGP

The World’s Fastest Sailing Race Moves Full Speed Ahead

Grand results for grand prix sailing
The speed at which SailGP fostered a global fan base proved comparable to that of its high-performance sailboats. Its Season 2 Championship garnered 830 million viewers, exceeding its target by 102%. In response, the organisation expanded from six to nine teams and from five to 11 events over four years. It also brought its technological prowess to the market, setting up boat-building locations around the world.
Global complexity brings operational headaches
With its parent company located in the United States and 11 multinational subsidiaries, SailGP faced an operational juggling act. Each entity differed in purpose: building boats, hosting events and/or having a team. And each had its own financial processes, currency type and compliance requirements, rendering timely consolidation and overall management difficult. Leadership expected nonstop growth, and the fast-paced nature of the organisation precluded hiring. So, SailGP chose to automate.
Unifying a worldwide business
The business adopted NetSuite OneWorld to consolidate operations, easily meet compliance requirements and speed processes. The finance team uses automation to handle more subsidiaries with less work: For example, instead of manually inputting purchase orders into journal entries, it uploads a spreadsheet of purchase orders to the journal in NetSuite—saving days of work per reporting period. SailGP maximised the system with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support(opens in new tab): One customisation requires a budget manager to approve that purchase orders are posted correctly, saving the director of finance hours when running reports.
Expanding international presence and offerings
SailGP leadership has tasked the team with expanding even more, to 16 teams and over 20 events. Plus, the organisation just launched a technology division to provide expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, software and systems across land, sea and space. The finance team is using NetSuite to determine the most cost-effective locations for these new teams and events, and the business is implementing NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management so that it can continue on its growth trajectory with smooth sailing.

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