Family Art Business Doubles Productivity of Its Lean Team With NetSuite

The Ronin Gallery is a family business that began with the acquisition of a large collection of Japanese woodblock prints. In 1975, the parents of current owner David Libertson shared their passion for the pieces by opening a gallery in New York City. Today, Ronin Gallery boasts the largest collection of Japanese woodblock prints in the country. In addition to a brick-and-mortar space, it runs an online gallery where aficionados can shop some 8,000 cataloged artworks.

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“I don’t think of NetSuite as a vendor, but as a partner. And with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support, I have consultants embedded in my business.” David Libertson, President & Owner, Ronin Gallery

A Family-Run Business Makes Major Efficiency Gains

Due for an update
When David Libertson took over the family business 10 years ago, he found processes in disarray. Ronin Gallery handled accounting in QuickBooks and managed inventory with the same paper ledgers it had used since its founding. Ecommerce ran on a proprietary Magento-based system. The business needed a smoother way to manage sales among 350 consigners and 30,000 customers.
New systems for a new generation
Ronin Gallery chose NetSuite ERP over BigCommerce and Veevart, a Salesforce-based system. An integrated suite of modules means that now, Ronin Gallery’s NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced site syncs seamlessly with its inventory and order management, customer support, and financials in NetSuite. As a result, staff no longer run the risk of accidentally selling the same artwork in two channels due to outdated inventory records.
Optimising use of ERP
Ronin Gallery works with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) to optimise its use of the ERP. For example, when staff faced a multi-step process to categorise online inventory, NetSuite ACS developed a workaround that gave the team three hours back in its week. Ronin Gallery’s president and owner estimates that overall, NetSuite automation has made each employee as efficient as two, allowing the lean team of four employees to run some 50 exhibitions annually.
A family’s commitment to service
The small team also maintains exceptionally strong relationships with thousands of customers using NetSuite CRM. When a customer calls in, employees instantly pull up their record to view their artwork preferences, purchase history, and pieces they might be interested in. With efficiencies like these, Ronin Gallery is confident it can maintain top-notch customer service — and grow its business — for generations to come.

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