NetSuite Helps Healthcare Company Grow 500% in 3 Years

Recovery Healthcare


Recovery Healthcare


Dallas, Texas


Criminal Justice & Healthcare

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“NetSuite allowed us to grow from 10 employees to 110 in 4 years, with financial control and visibility—something no other software product could do.” Recovery Healthcare

Customer Success

  • Company has grown 500% in 3 years, while reducing administrative time and costs.
  • NetSuite's integrated cloud architecture, ease of use are saving 1 1/2 full-time administrator salaries over the previous system.
  • Remote access to real-time financial information is also saving Recovery Healthcare CPA costs of $600 monthly.
  • Integrated financial and customer information has helped the company boost its overdue receivables collection rate from 85% to 92%.
  • Monthly financial disclosure reports for bank investors are produced instantaneously; previously, the reports took 30 days for production and delivery.
  • Automated processing for credit cards and on-site cash payments have eliminated errors due to manual processes.


  • Limited business software couldn't support Recovery Healthcare's substantial growth potential.
  • The need to manage 16 satellite offices in 3 states was wasting administrative time and slowing business processes.
  • Inability to take online payments risked billing errors, particularly in cash transactions.


  • Recovery healthcare chose NetSuite over server-based software because of the cost savings, and because of the ease of remote access via the cloud.
  • NetSuite user training took half the time of the previous system, even though the previous system had far less functionality.
  • NetSuite OneWorld's multi-subsidiary, multi-currency and other features will help the company embark on future plans to grow internationally.