Raccoon.Monks Agency found new insights on the project rentability

Founded in 2013 by two former Google employees, Raccoon.Monks is a leading marketing and performance agency in Brazil. The mission of the São Carlos agency, in the interior of São Paulo state, is to deliver exceptional results for its clients’ businesses. The agency provides real-time insights via customised dashboards by applying in-depth data analysis to social media and web campaigns. Clients regularly see a 40% improvement in their campaign's performance.




Sorocaba, SP, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil


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“When we implemented NetSuite in 2018, we were a small company. Today we are a much more robust organisation, and the team productivity analysis no longer evaluates employees one by one. Now we look at it by teams and managers.” Alexandre Naressi, Financial Coordinator, Raccoon.Monks

Integration of Financial and Operational Data to Provide Better Insights

One of the best Latin America agencies
Raccoon.Monks was able to perform fast market growth as a part of a select group of companies with a Google Partner seal. They currently attend more than 100 big national and global players, such as Natura, Ambev, Nubank, Fast Shop, and Leroy Merlin. They were acknowledged for the first time in 2018 by ABComm as the best digital marketing company in Latin America. Since then, the company has grown five times its size–achieving more than 1000 employees.
The maturing challenges
With business growth, Raccoon.Monks understood that they needed better growth management tools. The agency’s leadership wanted to simplify their processes and gain a resource usage, costs, and profitability overall view for each client. They searched for a unified system that allowed the financial team to add value and improve productivity throughout the organisation. They also looked for a flexible, adaptable, and easy-to-use system that would meet the demands of their increasingly decentralised board.
Customisation as a decisive factor
In order to achieve the desired efficient control of their growing and diversified businesses, Raccoon.Monks chose NetSuite OneWorld as their integrated financial management, timekeeping, and project management system. With the advanced customisation resources of the tool, the company’s complex billing process has been streamlined and automatised. Also, the time sheet management has also been customised in order to account for different limits of workload, the creation of a bank of hours and an easier view of the balances. Thanks to the productivity gains provided by NetSuite, the agency went from 200 to 1300 employees between 2018 and 2022, with an increase in the productivity of the financial team.
Automation: the more, the merrier.
Raccoon.Monks plans to keep improving the automation of their management processes with NetSuite. Through the customisation and integration with other systems, the agency believes it is possible to build a solution that can evolve to meet any need.