Pioneering Indoor Health in China

PureLiving China has helped pioneer indoor environmental testing in China. In just five years, it’s grown to service nearly 3,000 mostly commercial customers with testing for air and water contamination and other hazards, while providing remediation and HVAC filtration products and services. As it scaled its business to four locations in China, its silos of Zoho, Box and Excel couldn’t keep up. Those systems were not suitable for a fast-growing company, with no financial reporting and no centralized record.

PureLiving China


PureLiving China




Environmental Consulting


Microsoft Dynamics, Sage,, Pipedrive, Xero, QuickBooks


Zoho, Box, Excel


Hitpoint Solution Co. Ltd.

Netsuite Products Implemented

NetSuite, CRM, Inventory Management

“Our time savings are huge with NetSuite. We’re more efficient and visibility into real-time data gives management more confidence in making decisions.” Sarah Millard, PureLiving China COO

A Cloud Backbone for Better Business Agility
NetSuite is PureLiving China’s business backbone. It supports end-to-end financial, CRM, inventory and service scheduling processes in an agile, unified system that gives stakeholders real-time visibility across the business. NetSuite automates the full lead-to-order-to-cash lifecycle, while multilingual support enables creation of customer-facing and internal documents in Chinese.
Greater Efficiency and Visibility
PureLiving saves six weeks a year that employees previously spent manually calculating sales commissions. Days sales outstanding has been reduced by 75%, while accounts receivables reports that took two weeks are now produced in two hours. Real-time visibility gives management confidence in making informed business decisions.
Capitalizing on Growing Environmental Awareness
PureLiving can quickly and easily open new offices as the company grows amid increasing awareness of indoor and other environmental hazards in China. It scaled its testing projects significantly, while better managing its count of 500 inventory SKUs, avoiding costly stocks.