PropLogix Preps to Corner the Real Estate Market With SuitePeople

Real estate laws are tricky—and the aptly-named PropLogix aims to bring some logic to the homebuying process. Originally launched to help real estate attorneys source property reports in a small area of Florida, PropLogix has since gone national and grown to a team of nearly 250 across eight U.S. states. Amid that expansion, the HR department traded spreadsheets for a system that organises employee information and speeds up reporting.




Sarasota, Fla.






$25 Million


Excel, spreadsheets

“HR is an area that’s constantly evolving: laws, rules and policies change. Having a system that’s flexible makes it so much easier to maintain your HR department.” Joshua Godfrey, NetSuite Administrator, PropLogix

An HR Department Keeps Up With Company Expansion

Hiring beyond its home state
After its co-founders hired a CEO, PropLogix grew from 10 to 100+ full-time employees in under three years. The team began offering services throughout the state of Florida, then nationwide, then started offering more services like release tracking and land surveys. The company also hired its first employees beyond Florida, which meant depositing and reporting state income tax for the first time, as well as local taxes in each new hire’s home state.
1 HR manager, 15 spreadsheets
At the peak of PropLogix’s growth, its HR manager used some 15 spreadsheets to track everything from employee addresses and phone numbers to performance evaluations and benefits enrollments. Some months, it took two full workdays to pull the information required for government reporting.
Reporting in clicks vs. days
At the request of a new financial controller, PropLogix added SuitePeople HR and Payroll to its NetSuite solution to replace its tangle of HR spreadsheets. The biggest win is in reporting: PropLogix uses SuitePeople’s pre-programmed reports to sort payroll details by department, class and team much more quickly. It also built customised reports that allow HR to complete its quarterly EEO-1 survey in a few clicks instead of two days.
More hires, same HR headcount
Next year, PropLogix will start selling a software product in addition to its services. Since this could mean a huge influx of new hires, the HR department is furthering its use of the SuitePeople features that make onboarding easier: headcount analysis, onboarding checklists and employee self-service, to name a few. The goal is to become so efficient that HR won’t have to outsource nor add headcount during a hiring blitz.