Manufacturer of Drug Testing Solutions Uses NetSuite to Automate Invoicing and Customer Relationship Management

PharmChem, Inc. has a vision: better, cleaner, and smarter drug testing. PharmChem is the manufacturer and sole source provider of the PharmChek Sweat Patch, an FDA-approved, wearable patch that continuously tests sweat for the presence of drugs like methamphetamine and oxycodone. PharmChem’s longtime customers include mostly government and state and local entities. It is now exploring new sectors, like workplace and over-the-counter sales.


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“The process of sending accounts receivable emails used to take two or three days. NetSuite has given me three days back in my month by just doing it for me.” Shana Veale, CFO and Vice President, PharmChem, Inc

Capitalising on an Unexpected Opportunity

Alternative becomes a mainstay
For over 30 years, the Sweat Patch has been a popular option for drug testing in the criminal justice space, as sweat testing is minimally invasive and difficult to dilute or adulterate compared to hair or urine testing. Demand for the patch increased substantially in 2020, when urine testing was temporarily banned due to the pandemic.
Demand influx highlights inefficiencies
As its product grew in popularity, PharmChem grew from a lean six-employee organisation to 11. Using QuickBooks interfered with its growing emphasis on sales, since the system lacked customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Salespeople struggled to find the latest details on leads, and the organisation was bogged down with other inefficiencies, like handling paper invoices.
Many automated tasks, one simple system
To maintain its momentum, PharmChem implemented NetSuite ERP. Leadership worked with a NetSuite Education Advisor to strategise a training approach using NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS)(opens in new tab)—and with ample training on PharmChem’s specific NetSuite environment, the team quickly started automating. Instead of mailing invoices, they now issue digital ones. And instead of writing individual payment reminder emails, they have NetSuite email customers automatically, saving three person-days of work per month.
Furthering customer relationships
PharmChem uses its saved time to build customer relationships. When a new class of salespeople was hired last year, LCS training helped them make the most of NetSuite CRM from day one. They now easily upload leads, track progress, and reach out to prospects and customers, all from the same system. As PharmChem pursues new sectors, leadership is confident that teams will continue taking advantage of training to maximise NetSuite’s benefits.