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Pashion Footwear Steps Up Growth Strategy for Its Convertible High Heels Retail Business

The concept of convertible high heels wasn’t necessarily new when Haley Pavone launched Pashion Footwear in 2016, but no one had successfully built a shoe that could function well as both a heel and a flat. After years of product development, Pashion perfected its Stelo sole, which allows for the secure installation and easy removal of a heel. Pashion sold its first shoes online in 2019 and today offers numerous styles, all with interchangeable heels.


Pashion Footwear


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NetSuite ERP

“Any business that is trying to set itself up for aggressive growth definitely would benefit from NetSuite. We anticipate this infrastructure will be able to stay with us as we grow for the foreseeable future.” Jess Norman, COO, Pashion Footwear

Ultra-versatile Heels Gain Traction

Shark Tank bump
Pashion’s innovative design took off right away. Sales jumped more than 160% between 2019 and 2020 despite overall footwear sales falling during the pandemic. The business continued to see remarkable growth in 2021, boosted by Pavone’s appearance on the hit show “Shark Tank.” Once customers place their first order, they tend to come back—Pashion has a 25% repeat purchase rate.
Mounting operational headaches
The direct-to-consumer retailer frequently oversold items because its Shopify system gave it no option to stop preorders once all incoming inventory was committed. The ecommerce solution’s limited reporting capabilities also made it difficult to identify key sales trends, and the monthly close was slow and complicated with data spread across systems.
Setting realistic customer expectations
Pashion decided to centralise all inventory, order and financial data on NetSuite, and it can now limit sales based on available and incoming inventory to prevent overselling, automate the returns process, and access comprehensive reports. NetSuite Professional Services helped the company get the most out of the system by assisting with integrations, inventory item structures and reports.
Eyeing other channels
Pashion is exploring ways to use customer data to uncover trends and make better purchasing decisions. The company is targeting continued rapid growth and international expansion, with aspirations of opening pop-up shops and pursuing other omnichannel options.