Oxford Road Ad Agency Combines Creative with the Analytical to Deliver Results

Founded by Dan Granger, a former Clear Channel executive, Los Angeles-based Oxford Road specialises in performance marketing across podcasts, radio and DRTV. One of Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017, Oxford Road offers the combined capabilities of media, analytics and creative. Its weekly newsletter, The Influencer, includes thought leadership and curated news for Performance Marketers. Granger is also the creator of Audiolytics, Oxford Road’s analytics process that creates and score ads based on 71 weighted components to drive maximum performance.


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“Since implementing NetSuite, our customers are very satisfied with the output they’re getting. They’re talking to one person versus multiple departments.” Stewart Ellner, Vice President of Finance, Oxford Road

A Modern Approach to a Diverse Media Landscape

Expansion into podcast, YouTube
Oxford Road became a leader in the audio field by being an early entrant into the podcast space which propelled record growth for the agency. It continues to expand its capabilities across emerging channels such as Connected TV, audio and smart speakers.
Integration with Strata ad buying paramount
When Stewart Ellner was hired, the vice president of finance quickly realised that the existing Advantage accounting system would not be able to continue to support the firm’s growth. Reporting and integrations, particularly the Strata ad buying platform, limited visibility.
Fifth time with NetSuite the charm
Having implemented NetSuite at four other companies, Ellner was confident the cloud ERP system would work for Oxford Road. With the SuiteSuccess for Advertising and Media Companies solution, it can now give clients detailed invoices integrated with Strata, while month-end close and reporting have improved dramatically.
ERP + CRM = client satisfaction
Oxford Road plans to give customers even greater detail and insight into their advertising campaigns, eventually implementing NetSuite CRM to complement its ERP deployment. It also plans to add NetSuite’s project management capabilties to better manage operations.