Inc. 500 Winner Grows From $2M to $8M in Revenue with NetSuite Without Adding Finance Staff

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One Call Now


Troy, OH


Software, Ecommerce

Applications Replaced

Goldmine, Custom Software



“Our service is simple; we generate automated phone calls and text messages for governments, schools, businesses, and other groups. But the underlying technology is mind-boggling. We didn't want to add servers—we've got 180 triple-redundant SQL servers right now—but we needed a way to manage all that information, so we chose NetSuite.” One Call Now

Customer Success

  • Since implementing NetSuite in 2003, grown from $2 million to $8 million in revenue without adding finance staff.
  • Account creation time for new customers dropped from 24 hours to 60 seconds.
  • Average customer support ticket time decreased from 12 minutes to three minutes.
  • Growing more than 35% annually.
  • Third party sales reps now use self-service portal to track commissions, saving two days per month of finance-staff time.
  • NetSuite dashboards, integration with SQL database let managers drill into profitability, customer-service, billings, and other details.


  • Innovative business model required complex billing, customer service processes.
  • Needed integration with custom database holding 40,000 clients, 15 million phone numbers, and 400 different pricing plans.
  • Wanted better visibility into per-region profitability in order to optimize marketing expenditures.


  • Selected NetSuite after evaluating Goldmine, Sage, and Microsoft products.
  • Replaced combination of Goldmine and custom software with NetSuite for ERP and CRM.
  • Used NetSuite Web services APIs to integrate with the company's website and massive underlying SQL database.