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Established in Belgium in 1996, Novasol Chemicals is a global distributor of chemicals. Offering tailor-made solutions and multiple packaging capabilities for a broad portfolio of commodities and specialty chemicals, it serves a wide range of customers active in the areas of resins and coatings, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals and gas, industrial applications, water treatment, and personal care.


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NetSuite OneWorld

“NetSuite has enabled us to centralise information and reach information anywhere on any device. The automisation has helped improve our ways of working, it’s had a direct impact on our business.” Laurence Servais, Marketing & Communication Manager, Novasol Chemicals

Go Global, Think Local

Full-service wholesale distribution
Novasol provides a ‘full-service’ where it takes care not only of the product, the storage, the warehousing but also the certification, the customs clearance and the paperwork around these chemicals. It has grown from 10 to 40 employees and now has local teams in 20 countries serving Asia, Europe and North America.
Global expansion brings information access challenges
Business expansion and reliance upon a remote workforce required centralised information. Novasol Chemicals needed one system for all transactions in order to link departments, increase visibility and coordinate operations while adhering to local languages and currencies to offer best service to customers.
Staying connected with NetSuite
It considered NetSuite, along with Salesforce and SAP. Salesforce was quickly ruled out and SAP’s system was deemed to be too complex. NetSuite’s customisation possibilities and true-cloud connectivity that enables the company to reach information anywhere on any device made NetSuite a clear winner.
Continued growth
Novasol Chemicals is using NetSuite to better manage existing marketing campaigns and continue to centralise and automate operations on a global scale as it continues to develop activities in North America, Asia and extend its presence in Europe.
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