In Saudi Arabia, Industrial Services Provider Noortech Prospers with NetSuite





Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Professional Services

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)


NetSuite International
NetSuite Project Management

“NetSuite is our backbone. Our Business Model demands total focus on our Core Business. NetSuite is the best option for us to manage our resources without carrying the cost of an in-house IT department.” Noortech

Customer Success

  • NetSuite supplies an end-to-end solution for ERP, project management, CRM and human capital management (HCM) for the industrial services provider in Saudi Arabia.
  • Noortech's revenue soared 600% since implementing NetSuite in 2006 to replace QuickBooks and a failed deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Noortech has a complete lead-to-order-to-cash system that drives business efficiency and eliminates redundant manual data inputs.
  • NetSuite Project Management enables Noortech to more effectively staff and manage more than 100 projects a year at electrical, mechanical and other industrial client sites in Saudi Arabia.
  • Per-project accounting in NetSuite Project Management lets Noortech track time, expenses and materials costs to control expenses and optimize profitability.
  • Noortech field personnel have on-demand access to NetSuite from anywhere, either over laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • NetSuite CRM equips Noortech sales and service personnel to pursue leads, optimize client relationships, and manage cases and client support.
  • Noortech speeds and simplifies procurement of materials and equipment from suppliers with NetSuite ERP.
  • NetSuite TribeHR HCM solution provides a central location for employee data and performance reviews.


  • QuickBooks lacked the functionality and scale that Noortech needed to grow the business, and lacked integration capacity for project management and CRM.
  • An attempt to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP was aborted after difficulties finding the IT personnel needed to bring the solution live.
  • Noortech did not want to take on the high IT overhead required by an on-premise solution.


  • Native integration of NetSuite ERP, project management, CRM and HCM was ideal for Noortech to improve business efficiency and agility.
  • Cloud-based architecture lets Noortech focus time and resources on client satisfaction, not the cost and complexity of in-house IT systems.
  • e-Budgets solution from NetSuite partner Epiphany helps Noortech better manage project budgets for expenses, purchases, time and labor, revenue and more.