NetSuite Helps Medical Device Manufacturer Cut Order Fulfillment Times By 50%

Monobind Inc.


Monobind Inc.


Lake Forest, Calif.



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Corezon ERP, proprietary software



“Before we had to physically bring a hard copy of a new order to production and channel to each department. Now new orders are entered and we all have instant visibility. NetSuite provides the critical tool to see our current sales demand, direct the orders through our seven-step assembly process, and ensure that they go out the door on time to give our customers the best delivery performance possible meeting our quality and performance objectives.” Monobind Inc.

Customer Success

  • Customer order fulfillment times have dropped more than 50%, from about two weeks to just 5 days with NetSuite.
  • Monobind continues steady growth without having to add new IT staff.
  • Production planning time has been reduced from days to hours.
  • The company is able to anticipate stock-outs instantly and begin production builds, rather than several hours with the previous system.
  • Warehouse productivity and purchasing efficiency have improved substantially with better inventory management and control. Production planning is now streamlined resulting in improved efficiency.
  • With NetSuite, Monobind has been able to automate complete order-to-source traceability on inventory lots for the first time.


  • Manage complex, vertically integrated assembly and quality control processes for manufacturing medical diagnostic kits amid increasing price competition.
  • Maintain fast order fulfillment in face of fluctuating customer ordering patterns and expanding sales in 90-plus countries.
  • Maximize product quality and meet ISO requirement by tracking final-product components back to their primary material sources.


  • Company chose NetSuite for its integrated applications and cloud architecture.
  • NetSuite partner Celigo helped integrate NetSuite to Monobind's proprietary source databases.
  • Monobind now uses NetSuite for capturing leads and sale-order tracking and fulfillment, Website marketing and sales, customer service, customer communications via a newsletter and self-service customer portal, accounting, purchasing, and inventory management.