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NetSuite OMX

“Truly NetSuite has allowed us to grow rapidly and do almost anything we want.” International Military Antiques

Customer Success

  • Amidst annual growth of 25%, International Military Antiques is able to clear 95% of orders within 24 hours.
  • NetSuite OMX provides seamless order management for an average of 110 orders a day across channels spanning mail, phone, email, Amazon and eBay stores.
  • Shortly after launch and just prior to the busy Thanksgiving shopping season, International Military Antiques saw bad debt decrease from $4,000 per month to zero, while average order size increased by 11%.
  • Pre-built integration with Magento Ecommerce front end updates NetSuite OMX with price, description, cost and quantity with the push of a button, effortlessly handling an average of 30 new items a week.
  • NetSuite OMX easily handles International Military Antique's thousands of SKUs with products ranging from thousand pound bronze canons from the 17th century to World War II badges that fit in an envelope.
  • Order processing efficiency allows International Military Antiques to ship within one day from two warehouses with over 60,000 square feet of storage, meeting strict requirements from eBay and Amazon to qualify as a top-rated seller.
  • Real-time inventory system updates the Ecommerce site immediately when an item goes out of stock and eBay and Amazon stores are updated within minutes.
  • Integration with ChannelAdvisor inputs data from eBay and Amazon directly into order management system.
  • Attrition has dropped as company has tracked customer loyalty "medal system" with NetSuite OMX’s robust CRM capabilities.


  • Prior combination of Peachtree and handwritten notes had vital data scattered across random boxes and filing cabinets at the business limiting visibility into operations.
  • Labor intensive order system had employees working late and wasting time with multiple order entries.


  • Order management is seamlessly handled over International Military Antiques website and call center, as well as other online marketplaces.
  • NetSuite OMX serves as the single system of record for all inventory, purchase orders, order management, financial reports and customer records.