Midwest Equipment Sales

Rapid Growth, HR Requirements Spur Midwest Equipment Sales to Add NetSuite SuitePeople

It’s all about value for Midwest Equipment Sales. The wholesale distributor of generators and tracks and tires for construction equipment has seen astronomical growth in recent years. But with that progress comes challenges, such as managing complex workforce PTO accrual calculations. To maintain their focus on value with high quality products at competitive prices, the company has improved HR operations like managing payroll, improving collaboration and time-off requests with the help of NetSuite SuitePeople.


Midwest Equipment Sales


Columbus, Ohio


Wholesale distribution


$150 million





NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite SuitePeople HR
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“NetSuite’s approach to payroll is how it should be done—we just push a few buttons. The result is a significant savings in payroll processing time, instantly updated financials and no reconciliation headaches.” Peter Westlake, Director of Technology, Midwest Equipment Sales

Unified System to Boost Efficiency

Different products, similar opportunities
In 2016, Midwest Equipment Sales purchased a company that sold Westinghouse generators. Although seemingly dissimilar from tracks and tires, much of the manufacturing, ordering and other processes were surprisingly alike. That acquisition kickstarted impressive double- and triple-digit annual growth over several years.
Mapping a better route
As the company grew, Midwest Equipment Sales had to rethink some practices, including human resource-related matters. For example, time-off requests were managed outside of the company’s normal workflows with stand-alone third-party software, so approvals were complicated, workers had to remember multiple logins, and the system was error-prone.
Single sign-on to a familiar interface
To fix the broken time-off and PTO accrual system, Midwest Equipment Sales implemented NetSuite SuitePeople. Timeclock information from a third-party solution is imported weekly, so running payroll with SuitePeople Payroll is done in a matter of minutes and the general ledger automatically updates. Another benefit is new employees can be added to the system quickly and easily.
Employees respond to self-service features
When workers discovered organization charts and employee directory in SuitePeople, they started a grassroots movement to update their information, began using it as a directory, and the company even brought in a photographer to include professional headshots. The software serves as a hub for employee information—workers can submit time off requests and access paystubs, W2s and other information without taking up the HR team’s time.