MicroVentures Supports Neighborhood Stores to Help Drive Philippine Economy

MicroVentures provides support, training and resources for micro-businesses, like neighborhood shops, that serve Philippine communities and help empower women business owners. While the possibilities to help these businesses were endless, one of the things that MicroVentures needed to prioritize was organizing their systems from financials to database management. Thus, when the NetSuite grant was offered from NetSuite.org, MicroVentures did not hesitate. Since then, it has provided them with the confidence to take on bigger projects that would require stricter financial and project reporting.

MicroVentures Inc.


MicroVentures Inc. and MicroVentures Foundation






15 employees including field staff

Other solutions considered

Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX

Systems replaced

Excel; Outsourced accountants and bookkeepers

NetSuite Products Implemented

Donor Management

Parent or Subsidiary

Chicago Growth Partners

Implementation Partner

TechForGood, Inc.



“Having strong systems is important for achieving your mission as a social enterprise. Now that we are confident with the integrity of our financial data, we can move forward with bigger and more challenging projects.” MicroVentures Inc.

Helping More Small Businesses Faster

Micro-Businesses Are the Backbones of Economy
MicroVentures can partner with more foundations and companies now that it can provide the necessary financial reports and examples of similar projects. And MicroVentures can pilot more projects and closely track every expense.
Cost Insights Drive Donations, Partnerships
Since implementing NetSuite with the support of TechForGood, MicroVentures has provided partners and donors with key data, secured new partners, and in just six months, activated 470 new stores in half the amount of time it used to take. MicroVentures also cut down the number of personnel managing data from three to one, as inputting expenses were quicker.
Tiny Businesses Thrive
NetSuite has made decision-making easier for MicroVentures, saved it time and helped it continue its goals of reaching more and more microenterprises. The MicroVentures companies are in the process of implementing NetSuite CRM to integrate all their data into one system. They also plan to mine the data as soon as a substantial base is available in the system. This integration eliminated packets of platforms used to store data and organized it into one easy access system. It also replaced a data gathering system resulting in some savings in the process.