Solar Innovator Main Street Power Energizes its Business in the NetSuite Cloud

Main Street Power


Main Street Power


Boulder, Colo.


Solar Energy

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Excel


NetSuite Financials

“NetSuite is much easier to use and saves so much time over our previous environment. For any company with a number of entities, OneWorld makes everything so much easier.” Main Street Power

Customer Success

  • Main Street Power has dramatically improved the efficiency and accuracy of financial consolidation and intercompany transactions across 52 subsidiaries with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • NetSuite supplies a single system of record for Main Street Power, which develops, finances and operates solar projects at more than 1,000 sites in North America.
  • Agile cloud infrastructure helps “future-proof” Main Street Power’s business and IT while enabling swift business execution in the volatile solar industry.
  • Main Street Power has real-time visibility and reporting on 52 subsidiaries, each of which is based on a specific solar project at a utility, municipality, university, school district or business.
  • Company has reduced time for quarterly consolidation from two full days with QuickBooks and Excel to two or three hours with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • Superior data access and flexible reporting positions Main Street Power to address unique solar industry business challenges.
  • NetSuite automates monthly usage-based billing to commercial customers based on integration with AlsoEnergy, a software solution that monitors power consumption by project.
  • NetSuite billing automation makes it easier for Main Street Power to review production data prior to billing to validate accuracy.


  • Financial staff manually managed financial consolidations and double data-entry using QuickBooks and Excel.
  • Inflexibility in previous environment made it difficult to adjust numbers as needed, forcing time-consuming manual rework.
  • Main Street Power’s growth since its 2009 launch introduced new scale and complexities that QuickBooks couldn’t handle.


  • Selected over multiple other ERP applications and live in May 2014, NetSuite provides a scalable cloud solution that seamlessly accommodates multiple entities.
  • Customization capability through the SuiteCloud Development Platform has given Main Street new flexibility in adapting software to business needs.
  • Cloud-based application delivery enables Main Street Power to avoid the cost and complexity of in-house software, servers and IT personnel.