Mailplus' Growth Accelerates 100% with NetSuite Mobile Cloud





Sydney, Australia


Wholesale Distribution

Applications Replaced

MYOB, FileMaker and various spreadsheets



“The more franchisees we added to our old system, the greater the system stress—to the point that it was crashing almost daily and costing us thousands of dollars a month to maintain and service. Switching to NetSuite solved these problems, giving us the scalable platform we need to grow our business. More importantly, our franchisees now have a real-time view into every aspect of their business, particularly customer sales.” Mailplus

Customer Success

  • New customer signings doubled from 200 to 400 per month on average within the first six months, without expanding its sales team.
  • Average conversion time for prospects to customers reduced from three months to one week, resulting in revenues doubling yearly.
  • Average customer conversion ratios lifted from 1:3 to 1:5 weekly for sales people because prospect information and tools were available on smartphone or tablet devices.
  • Saving more than $100,000 yearly on the cost of running a dial-up solution requiring daily manual maintenance and repairs.
  • Franchisees have access to a robust, integrated business management tool for managing their complete business cycle, including sales, customer relationship management and finances.


  • Previous system only provided franchisees with basic information about business performance and growth opportunities. Other vital information had to be retrieved from multiple sources.
  • The dial-up system was cumbersome and crashed frequently, frustrating franchise partners and requiring costly manual IT support almost daily.
  • Performance issues increased the faster Mailplus grew and the more franchisees it added.
  • Franchisees lost hours every week manually entering prospects and processing new customers.
  • Salespeople relied on the Mailplus office for critical sales information when in the field and to process new customer orders.
  • Delays in signing up customers caused warm prospects to cool.


  • NetSuite replaced MYOB, FileMaker and in-house spreadsheets, providing Mailplus franchisees and their sales teams with access to a comprehensive cloud-based business management suite.
  • A mobile optimized version of NetSuite also enables franchisees and salespeople to speed up the sales cycle and increase success rates, by providing anywhere access to vital sales information and tools via iPad and smartphone devices.
  • Automated and streamlined paperwork enables prospects to automatically activate new contracts during meetings via a tablet device.
  • Full automation gives franchisees immediate access to new customer details to incorporate into their financial forecasts. This enables Mailplus to have greater, real-time visibility of its business.