NetSuite Helps Nonprofit Improve Efficiency and Service Delivery to People with Disabilities and the Elderly

Louisiana Advocacy Center


Louisiana Advocacy Center


New Orleans, La.



Applications Replaced

Great Plains, spreadsheets


NetSuite CRM with fundraising add-on, accounting, payroll, purchasing, job tracking

“NetSuite gives us the ability to generate new fundraising activities, and to better track our regular projects.” Louisiana Advocacy Center

Customer Success

  • Implemented after Hurricane Katrina threatened its on-premise system, NetSuite gives the Louisiana Advocacy Center a reliable platform for serving people with physical and mental disabilities and the elderly.
  • Cloud-based architecture and web access enable continuity of operations and fulfillment of first-responder commitment in times of crisis.
  • Employee previously dedicated to tabulating time entries of 60 employees repurposed to a more valuable role.
  • Accounting can also generate a financial statement in two minutes, rather than two hours required previously with cumbersome hybrid of Great Plains and spreadsheets.
  • Self-service employee center simplifies employee expense reporting.
  • The ability to track donors and donations helps the agency focus marketing to best prospects.
  • Web donations go into NetSuite accounting instantaneously, compared to weekly with the old system.
  • Management now gets real-time financial forecasts, compared to one-week-old reports with the previous system.


  • Statewide agency needed to maintain computer uptime during emergencies, partly due to its charter as a first responder.
  • Four-office network of VPNs and replicated servers made entire IT system vulnerable to a break at any point in the configuration.
  • Cuts in federal funding challenged the Advocacy Center to expand fundraising activities.
  • Combination of disconnected business software and spreadsheets slowed expense tracking, which is required by grants.


  • Following Hurricane Katrina, the agency chose NetSuite for the reliability of its cloud architecture and performance of its integrated applications.
  • NetSuite's fundraising CRM add-on lets the Advocacy Center track donors, donations and grants to help with new direct fundraising initiatives.
  • Web access eliminates the risks of VPN "weak links".