Promotional Products Supplier Jetline Takes Flight with NetSuite





Gaffney, S.C.


Distribution, Manufacturing

Applications Replaced

ASI Computer Systems ProfitMaker legacy application,


Inventory Management
Work Orders and Assemblies
Custom Forms
Custom Records

“NetSuite has had a profound impact on our capabilities. We're realizing efficiencies and visibility into things we could never see, and now it's becoming crystal clear with NetSuite.” Jetline

Customer Success

  • NetSuite is helping transform performance and efficiency for top supplier of thousands of promotional and custom goods, including tote bags, drinkware, desk accessories, writing instruments, flashlights, key chains and more.
  • Jetline has more than doubled its order entry capacity with no additional staff required, while reducing departmental order processing time by 63%.
  • Customizations to NetSuite order management have streamlined execution of complex custom orders and reduced the risk of costly errors.
  • NetSuite has given Jetline new visibility into complex relationships with B2B customers to better identify key performers and relevant products.
  • Jetline has improved overall productivity with multiple departments working concurrently through NetSuite, replacing a linear, paper-based process.
  • Workflow-driven automation accelerates lead, prospect and customer management with dynamic categorization and assignments to Jetline sales team.
  • NetSuite case management enables Jetline to identify order/merchandise issues, manage customer feedback and streamline returns processing.
  • NetSuite CRM for mobile devices enables outside sales force to access customer data and execute transactions over Apple iPhones.
  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies module helps Jetline better manage custom logo and decorative application work to thousands of products.
  • Real-time, on-demand cloud architecture enables the Jetline CEO to manage certain shop floor operations from multiple locations, including his home.
  • Jetline has improved its ability to consolidate product information, pricing and other data for sharing with up to 10,000+ distribution partners.
  • Supported by NetSuite, Jetline has reduced its sales returns by 32% and its scrap rate by 26%.
  • Jetline has gained new efficiency and control in purchasing from about 25 suppliers in the U.S. and abroad, replacing manual and Excel processes.


  • Jetline experienced delays and rising costs with manual order-to-cash processes that relied on printing and transferring paper documents across departments.
  • Company lacked visibility and measurability of key processes, including production, inventory management, sales order processing and order management.
  • Lack of visibility across the business and no integration between financials/ERP and CRM hindered growth potential.


  • Launched in early 2014, NetSuite's rich customization capability gives Jetline the flexibility to produce large volumes of custom orders to the specifications of B2B buyers.
  • Jetline makes extensive use of NetSuite custom fields, forms and records, saved searches, alerts and workflows to orchestrate business functions.
  • OzLINK solution from NetSuite partner Oz Development for shipping and barcode scanning improves warehousing and fulfillment efficiency.
  • With integration, NetSuite real-time inventory data is fed into Jetline's Magento-based ecommerce site and offered as a service to key distribution partners.
  • Solutions and services from NetSuite partners Box, Celigo and Prolecto help round out Jetline's NetSuite implementation.
  • Next phase will focus on greater transactional efficiency with high-volume customers, likely with a best-of-breed EDI solution.