After 15 Years on NetSuite, iConn Technologies Gives Rise to an ERP-Fueled Startup

At first glance, iConn Technologies is a traditional electronics manufacturing service (EMS) offering complex assembly, subassembly and design services to corporate customers. However, the company also calls itself a “virtual manufacturer,” as it doesn’t manufacture items itself but rather works through an extensive network of carefully audited and highly qualified manufacturing partners. After almost 15 years of growing the business, the team behind iConn is now launching a unique B2B marketplace using its ERP system.

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iConn Technologies


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“The answers to complex B2B problems are built into NetSuite.” Turker Hidirlar, CEO, iConn Technologies and GoBiz USA

Launching Two Businesses on ERP

From vertical to ‘virtual’ manufacturing
After splitting from a traditional manufacturer that ran an SAP ERP system, iConn’s founders launched iConn on NetSuite ERP, building a business that instead orchestrates a network of manufacturers. iConn boasts a roster of 14 manufacturing partners that operate over 30 facilities, mostly throughout Asia. This broad reach allowed iConn to grow 80% while the pandemic hampered many companies’ supply chains. Top- and bottom-line growth has since continued, and the company has seen 17% additional growth year-to-date.
Built on ERP
From its start, iConn has used NetSuite to liaise with its partners and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. These teams log warehouse activities, like inventory planning and labeling according to strict requirements, using the Advanced Partner Center role. As a result, just seven iConn employees manage the 45 warehouses the company partners with. Similarly, iConn’s customers use the Customer Center role to access real-time data on inventory, invoicing and more without the team’s intervention.
A second business emerges
When iConn found success in ecommerce, the team conceptualised a new business: a B2B marketplace called GoBiz USA. Built on SuiteCommerce Advanced, the ecommerce site ties into NetSuite’s materials requirements planning (MRP) and CRM functionalities. One big benefit: GoBiz’s order fulfillment is impressively automated. An order triggers a ShipStation integration, and a GoBiz manufacturing partner fulfills and ships the order.
Fueling the future
With its recent official launch and aimed growth, GoBiz is using now the NetSuite-powered workflows honed at iConn to introduce services like custom manufacturing and private labeling. Meanwhile, its founders plan to continue finding new ways to create ultra-efficient companies by drawing out NetSuite’s unique capabilities.