HK Express Set to Take Flight with the Scalability and Flexibility of NetSuite OneWorld

A next-generation airline founded in 2013, HK Express has seen its business take flight with 13 airplanes serving destinations across Asia, with plans to soar even higher with 30 planes by 2018. Yet its previous on-premise ERP system couldn’t scale with the growth and couldn’t integrate with Navitaire, its new ticketing and reservation system. HK Express looked to the cloud for a solution.

HK Express


HK Express


Hong Kong



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Other solutions considered

SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP

NetSuite product implemented

NetSuite OneWorld

“NetSuite OneWorld provided a modern, scalable system with minimal upfront investment and the flexibility to adapt it to our needs.” HK Express

Airline Soars With Cloud ERP

True cloud, flexibility win
HK Express evaluated solutions from SAP and Microsoft Dynamics GP, but as a next-generation carrier seeking to pass efficiencies and savings on to its customers, NetSuite OneWorld’s multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture was a better fit. NetSuite’s sophisticated financial functionality and the flexibility to customize and integrate the system made it a clear choice.
Real-time visibility, efficiency
NetSuite OneWorld’s integration with HK Express’ ticketing and reservation system eliminated the requirement to have 15 personnel manually entering ticketing data. Its unified platform now gives HK Express visibility across its operations with one single unified financial system of record.
Addressing current, and future, needs
With NetSuite OneWorld, HK Express has a scalable system that could meet its existing and future accounting and multi-currency needs for transactions in seven countries, while the company can quickly and easily add new offices and an electronic invoicing system.