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“Being able to know our financial position anywhere at anytime—it's hard to say how valuable that is. With NetSuite there's nothing we needed functionality-wise that we couldn't get.” Institute of HeartMath

Customer Success

  • Revamped web store allows the organization to put store sales toward operational expenses and devote constituent donations toward the core mission of partnering with schools, social-service agencies and others to help people lower stress and build resilience.
  • Comprehensive suite manages data for HeartMath Institute's entire operation, providing more than 1 million services last year.
  • Easily customized fields allow the organization to track constituents across three divisions of the company—education, research and fundraising—and across two websites.
  • Saved a full-time IT manager to maintain a new system for the organization.
  • CFO and bookkeeper working remotely have real-time browser-based access to financial data from anywhere.
  • NetSuite seamlessly integrates with fulfillment house through an API to autoamtically update sales orders and billing to provide drop shipping for constituents, replacing a labor-intesnive, time-intensive fax-based system, saving the equivalent of one staff person.
  • Constituents's data entered into webforms goes directly into the CRM system, giving the organization a 360-degree-view of customers, improving customer service and marketing.


  • Lack of integration between outsourced web store and CRM meant customer records could go months between updates.
  • Existing systems were "the proverbial spaghetti," making accessing data difficult and cumbersome.
  • Small staff did not have the technical skills to implement a large, on-premise system.


  • The HeartMath Institute launched a comprehensive NetSuite system after evaluating a custom approach and Serenic software.
  • NetSuite's full suite provides CRM, ecommerce, financials and reporting capabilities at a discount through the NetSuite.org corporate citizenship program and available pro bono services from the SuiteVolunteers.