Golden Gate Men's Chorus Hits a High Note with

Golden Gate Men's Chorus


Golden Gate Men's Chorus


San Francisco, Calif.



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Excel


NetSuite SuiteCommerce

“ is the perfect solution for us, especially our SuiteCommerce webstore. We'd be spending a lot more time and energy on financial record keeping if we didn't have NetSuite to handle it.” Golden Gate Men's Chorus

Customer Success

  • The nonprofit Golden Gate Men's Chorus (GGMC) relies on NetSuite as a seamlessly integrated solution for financials, inventory and its ecommerce webstore.
  • As an early cloud adopter in 2001, GGMC has reduced its administrative record-keeping overhead and benefited from simple web access and ease of use.
  • The SuiteCommerce website supports critical revenue generation through online sales of tickets to about 12 GGMC concerts a year in the Bay Area.
  • The ecommerce storefront also sells CDs, T-shirts and other merchandise, and accepts donations from supporters.
  • With SuiteCommerce, GGMC handles about 95 percent of its transactions online, saving time and money over previous phone and paper mail processes.
  • NetSuite reporting delivers on-demand financial visibility with drill-down detail for strong accounting practices.
  • Flexible reporting enables easy reporting on cash flow, budget vs. actuals and projected budgets for the board of directors.
  • NetSuite also handles payroll for a small part-time staff and helps streamline compliance with IRS requirements for nonprofits.


  • Small part-time staff was challenged to keep up with multiple financial and management tasks using QuickBooks and Excel.
  • GGMC wanted to introduce ecommerce without committing inordinate time and resources to integration between a webstore and financials/inventory.


  • Software donation through the corporate citizenship program helps the 58-member GGMC, founded in 1982, focus expenditures on its mission of sharing its joy of male choral music across the Bay Area rather than on managing the back office.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to NetSuite through a web browser and single unified data set were viewed as key advantages during solution evaluation.