Extel Engineers Global Success With Precision Products

Extel Technologies has been helping clients bring highly complex electronic products to market for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Australia, Extel’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities deliver products across many sectors—from medical devices, aerospace, defense and security to environmental technology, communications and utilities—with a mission to build a better future by co-creating life-changing products.

Extel Technologies


Extel Technologies






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SAP Business ByDesign



“We’re in a complex business, but the system behind it doesn’t have to be complex. NetSuite has been a game-changer for us.” Bruce Fitzgerald, CEO, Extel Technologies

Making Possibilities a Reality

Growth by design
Extel’s focus on technical excellence fueled its global expansion. Founded in Melbourne in 1991, the company opened offices in Singapore in 2003 and the U.S. in 2005, as well as multiple warehouses around Australia housing over 2,200 unique SKUs. Yet, as global manufacturing competition increased, Extel needed to be extremely efficient to compete on price and offset the cost of operating in Australia, Singapore and the U.S.
Technical glitch
With no plans to slow expansion, Extel recognised the limits of its ERP system, Infor Syteline and its lack of transparency. Multiple staff needed to manually review entries and transactions, and individuals manually created reports for managers’ queries. Month-end close took up to two weeks. Extel sought a user-friendly platform to provide accurate data in one place so teams could collaborate easily and drive efficiencies.
Precision tools for the job
After considering solutions including SAP Business ByDesign, Extel deployed NetSuite. Leadership reviewed performance daily and created production workgroups to identify root causes of issues, increasing manufacturing efficiency by 20%. With NetSuite, the supply chain team can view orders throughout the procurement cycle without searching through emails and files. Finally, month-end close now takes two days.
Focus on collaboration
NetSuite’s user-friendly and universal interface has improved trust in the data it provides, enabling team members to collaborate on projects and maintain accurate project status at all times, while proactively identifying and resolving potential issues. Leadership has decided to build a customer portal to provide this same transparency throughout the design and manufacturing process. It also wants to use NetSuite to make product lifecycle management processes more efficient and integrate its HR and payroll software with the platform ahead of a push for further expansion.