Emitations Finds Order Management Gem with NetSuite





San Diego, Calif.



Applications Replaced

Yahoo! Store Order Management


NetSuite OMX

“We've cut our order processing time in half with NetSuite OMX and the CRM functionality has definitely helped us strengthen customer relationships and build loyalty. NetSuite OMX has really proven to be a good, successful system that enables us to focus on growing the business.” Emitations

Customer Success

  • Emitations reduced order processing time by half after implementing NetSuite OMX in 2006, replacing Yahoo! Store Order Management.
  • NetSuite OMX supplies scalability to process the company's peak loads of up to 5,000 orders a week over multiple channels.
  • Order processing efficiency of San Diego warehouse improved with NetSuite OMX handling four batch order sets per day.
  • Prebuilt integration between NetSuite OMX and TrueShip shipping software helps speed delivery of orders to more than 80 countries.
  • High-caliber order management reduced fulfillment errors, improved customer satisfaction and minimized call center inquiries.
  • Inventory management functionality supplies visibility and control over approximately 10,000 SKUs, helping optimize stock levels.
  • Emitations has increased sales and marketing effectiveness with built-in capabilities for CRM, including customer segmentation and email marketing.
  • CRM capabilities provide call center agents a complete view of customer transactions and interactions for better service and sales performance.
  • Automated order and shipment confirmation emails eliminate time-consuming manual communications and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Key metrics and ad hoc reporting capabilities give Emitations a real-time view on order performance, including warehousing and back orders.


  • Previous solution couldn't scale to accommodate growing transaction volumes.
  • Order processing and fulfillment processes required inordinate manual labor, hurting staff productivity and driving up operational costs.
  • Emitations needed a scalable, efficient solution to continue to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


  • Order management is seamlessly handled over Emitations' website and call center, as well as Amazon, Yahoo!, Sears and other online marketplaces.
  • The company has steadily optimized NetSuite OMX for maximum order management efficiency and better inventory management, CRM and reporting.