Embrava Powers Global Expansion With Efficiency in NetSuite

The simplest way to describe Embrava is as a workplace productivity and availability business. Its signature product, Desk Sign, is designed for hot-desking and open-plan work environments. The device attaches to desks, and its smart sensor lights up in a variety of colours to indicate whether the workspace is booked, available or in need of cleaning. Desk Sign logs usernames as employees book and check in to desks, helping teams find each other with location-based technology.





Sydney, Australia


Software And Technology Companies


50 to 99

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Applications Replaced

Microsoft Office


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite Advanced Customer Support
NetSuite Learning Cloud Support

“We implemented NetSuite when we saw huge demand coming. We’ve grown 10x since and are confident we can continue to scale rapidly with the same system.” Tim Sone, CEO, Embrava

ERP Illuminates Opportunities for Efficiency

Lighting up the world of work
Embrava started seven years ago in Australia and now sells globally. The manufacturer has subsidiaries in the US and the UK, runs three global warehouses and operates in four currencies. The pandemic-driven shift to hybrid work models supercharged demand for Embrava’s products, sparking 10x growth.
Kept in the dark
Embrava previously used Xero for accounting and spreadsheets to manage inventory and fulfilment. The manufacturer worked reactively, buying only the exact amount of component parts needed for each production order. If one part was delayed, the entire order was too, eroding customer satisfaction. Plus, updating inventory-related spreadsheets with SKU numbers, quantities and locations and analysing data manually was painstakingly time-consuming.
Highlights in inventory management
Embrava switched to NetSuite OneWorld as demand for its products began to spike. The company now carefully plans production orders: It purchases component parts based on each one’s specific lead time, which NetSuite tracks individually, and then adds parts to each production order as directed by detailed sales forecasts. Embrava also uses NetSuite to automatically calculate reorder points so that it maintains predetermined stock levels globally, improving cash flow and customer experience.
Sign of things to come
Embrava has used NetSuite to support its 10x growth while saving an estimated $300,000 AUD per annum in time that employees previously spent updating and analysing spreadsheets. The business has seamlessly expanded into the UK and consolidates its multi-entity, multi-currency financials in real time, all without increasing finance headcount. Embrava is now focused on increasing its product range of desk sign solutions as it continues to scale globally.