element61 Opts for NetSuite to Help Manage Resources for Growing IT Consultancy

A BI consultancy that advises Belgian customers on how to get the most out of business analytics solutions like IBM Cognos, SAP Business Analytics, Microsoft BI, Qlik and Anaplan, element61 was familiar with the ERP options in the marketplace and the importance of a unified platform for business data. NetSuite’s cloud-based solution combining NetSuite OpenAir for professional services automation and NetSuite ERP became the solution on which to run its own business.





Brussels, Belgium




NetSuite OpenAir

Implementation Partner



Brussels, Belgium

“We wanted from the outset an automated way of planning resources to be able to invoice clients and build up a CRM system ourselves.” Stijn Vermeulen, Managing Director, element61

Planning Projects Through the Cloud

Merging data and resources
After its creation in 2007, element61 soon realized that it would greatly benefit from implementing financial and SRP (Services Resource Planning) software to help plan projects and resources, as well as manage a growing number of clients. element61 has since grown into an €8m company that employs around 50 consultants. It recently merged with another Belgian consultancy and moved it on to NetSuite to bring the total number of users up to a hundred people.
Speed of implementation and processes
Implemented in just a few days, NetSuite didn’t require any local servers or software licenses. A local partner, Netprofitbuilders, was extremely helpful, especially to support the recent merging and integration of systems across two separate businesses.
Seamless benefits for all
Whereas element61 only had to deal with two to three invoices each month when it first started, now, it deals seamlessly with up to two hundred monthly invoices and no longer requires an outside accountancy service for VAT and tax reporting. Today, the company manages around 12,000 contacts through the CRM system and the OpenAir SRP tool ensures its consultants are assigned and scheduled in the most optimal way across dozens of ongoing customer projects.