DIY Home Center Powers Double-Digit Growth With NetSuite’s Automated Fulfillment, Inventory Management

Maintaining product availability and a competitive on-time shipping rate is the winning formula for DIY Home Center, a distributor and retailer of decking and deck-related products. But a period of supply chain issues paired with skyrocketing customer demand made keeping pace with product availability a challenge. Using NetSuite, the company altered its inventory approach and automated parts of the order fulfillment process for its various sales channels.

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“Helping deliver the products that our customers need sounds straightforward. But shifting product availability, price changes and multiple distribution models add complexity. With NetSuite, we can make simple adjustments, saving time and helping customers transact on updated information.” Michael Anderson, President, DIY Home Center

Improving Processes to Power Progress

Double-digit annual growth
Over the past three years, DIY Home Center has grown 25-30% annually. More warehouse space and higher inventory levels powered much of that growth. The business tripled its on-hand stock in just one year, and having product ready to ship has been a critical component in attracting and maintaining market share.
Keeping current
As DIY Home Center grew, it faced unexpected challenges, such as more price changes from suppliers in one year than the previous three years combined. And with various distribution and fulfillment methods, including drop shipping, the company manages a more complex order process than a typical retailer. Additionally, it’s focused on attracting more profitable contractors and other professional B2B clients.
Busting silos and saving time
Whether placed through its website, a third-party vendor or the phone, orders are routed through NetSuite, simplifying product and pricing information. An import feature automatically pulls external pricing data into the system and publishes it on the website, saving time and helping DIY Home Center price accurately and competitively.
Automation and custom rules
As new customer information is entered in NetSuite, DIY Home Center flags keywords like “construction” or “builder” in email addresses and company names, triggering a retention marketing campaign to attract B2B clients. Custom rules in NetSuite automate transaction processing, getting products to customers quicker. For example, if inventory is available in DIY Home Center’s warehouse, it’s automatically routed away from drop shipping.