Contentsquare Improves Productivity While Growing Globally

Contentsquare is the leading experience analytics platform provider, offering SaaS solutions that track and visualise digital behaviors. The technology enables digital teams to gain a granular understanding of customer behavior on their web, mobile sites and apps. Brands such as Adobe, Dell and Sephora use Contentsquare to improve customer experience, conversion and revenue.




Paris, France








NetSuite OneWorld

“I know each time, if we want information, that we can just click on a button and the information is correct. For a company at our stage, having information live and correct is critical. For me, it is the number one benefit of using NetSuite.” Nicolas Fritz, Chief Operating Officer, Contentsquare

Data for All

Changing business model brings rapid growth
Contentsquare was founded in Paris, France in 2012 as a consultancy service before switching in 2016 to a SaaS model. The company’s platform records all the interactions a user has with a digital interface. The move to a new operating model contributed significantly to organic growth of over 100%, and saw the company grow from 30 employees to 600 in the space of five years. In 2019, Contentsquare acquired its biggest competitor, Clicktale. Contentsquare now has 700 clients, predominantly in Europe and the United States, and counts 30% of the Fortune Global 100 amongst its client base.
Outgrowing Excel
Relying on Excel for its finances and customer billing left the company struggling with incorrect information and bogged down in manual processes as they operated and had to translate budgets and spend across currencies. It needed a new system that could provide clear and accurate information.
Forward thinking removes future challenges
Contentsquare implemented NetSuite OneWorld, knowing that the ability to operate across multiple currencies and multiple languages would be simplified by adopting a technology that would support its global operations today and future expansion plans. It now has offices in Paris, New York, London, Munich, Tel Aviv and San Francisco, with plans to open another in Asia.
Opening new markets
Contentsquare aims to continue the growth rates of 80-100% it’s seen for the past five years, for at least the next five, by continuing to develop its business in the US and Europe and by continuing to grow in Asia as well as looking at new markets in South America.