ClearChoice Management Services Consolidates Over 120 Subsidiaries on NetSuite OneWorld

ClearChoice Management


ClearChoice Management


Greenwood Village, Colo.


General Business

Application Replaced

Microsoft Dynamics GP


NetSuite OneWorld

“NetSuite OneWorld gives us the power we need to run our large and growing business, increase our labor efficiencies, and simplify our processes.” ClearChoice Management

Customer Success

  • Consolidated 92 separate instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP on NetSuite OneWorld.
  • Implemented multi-subsidiary NetSuite OneWorld solution in just three months.
  • Reduced financial closing time by 80 percent.
  • Improved quality of financial reporting.
  • Eliminated software version lock issues.
  • Automated email alerts for reports and payments improves relationships with vendors and stakeholders.


  • Complex subsidiary structure of over 120 entities, including dental practices, limited liability companies and holding companies.
  • Poor multi-subsidiary support required more than 90 charts of accounts.
  • Even simple reports took hours to complete due to complicated software burden.
  • Some reports required several cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Rapid growth made continuing with 92 separate instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP infeasible.


  • NetSuite OneWorld generates consistent and consolidated financial reports across ClearChoice's complex web of over 120 subsidiaries.
  • Flexible and scalable NetSuite OneWorld solution positions ClearChoice for continued rapid growth.
  • Easy-to-use reporting system provides financial transparency to ClearChoice investors and practitioners.
  • Consistent NetSuite interface and consolidated subsidiary rollup reinforces confidence in ClearChoice financial data.
  • Unlike previous systems, NetSuite OneWorld provides comprehensive drill-down into all aspects of ClearChoice's multi-subsidiary operation from a single database.