Caring and Sharing Fulfills Its 'People Helping People' Mission with

Caring and Sharing Exchange


Caring and Sharing Exchange


Ottawa, Canada



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Microsoft Access and Excel, Homegrown Inventory Application


Financial Management
Inventory Management

“We were spending a lot of time on manual work that could have been better spent on fundraising, recruiting volunteers and helping the community. Now, with NetSuite, we're seeing a huge increase in efficiency. To have everything in one place helps the organization run more efficiently and put more resources where they are most needed.” Caring and Sharing Exchange

Customer Success

  • The Caring and Sharing Exchange has dramatically improved administrative efficiency, enabling it to channel resources towards assisting more than 25,000 low-income individuals in the greater Ottawa area.
  • The nonprofit has cut in half the time needed to manage its coordination service, ensuring fair distribution of aid and the elimination of duplication among 300 partner agencies.
  • The NetSuite Partner Center enables Caring and Sharing to extend online self-service to its partner agencies, which was not possible using Microsoft Access.
  • Caring and Sharing enables the community to avoid more than $600,000 a year in duplicative donations by running its coordination service on NetSuite.
  • NetSuite gives Caring and Sharing a single database to manage diverse stakeholders, including partner agencies, volunteers, recipients, as well as individual and corporate donors.
  • With better data and segmentation capabilities, Caring and Sharing is refining its communications strategy to improve engagement across all its constituencies using NetSuite email.
  • Real-time visibility into expenses, revenue and goods for donation enables Caring and Sharing to enhance programmatic planning and execution.
  • With better data, Caring and Sharing is improving on its nearly 100-year history of social impact through Christmas exchange programs, back-to-school campaigns and other critical initiatives taking place throughout the year.


  • Silos of information across disparate applications meant the Caring and Sharing Exchange lacked timely insight into critical dynamics, which diminished its effectiveness.
  • Inordinate manual work and duplicate data entry consumed the time of a small staff that could be better spent on fundraising, recruiting volunteers and aiding the community.
  • Partner agencies were frustrated with the inflexibility of previous technology supporting the coordination service and its inability to modify data on demand.


  • NetSuite was an ideal solution for Caring and Sharing's needs, with the added incentive of free discounted licensing available through the corporate citizenship program.
  • Address validation application from NetSuite partner Pitney Bowes augments the coordination service to help prevent duplicate aid to the same individuals.
  • Phase Two implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce will provide an improved website experience and accommodate online donations and sale of fundraising goods.